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Beautiful Self


About Me..

Hi friends! I am so glad you are here on my page. This is something I have been day dreaming about creating for years, have started, then stopped and now I am officially committing to making this what I have been imagining..

In case you have no idea who I am.. I am Hannah! I am 30 years old, married to a total nerd and together we bought our first home back in October, 2021. We are finally wrapping up a ton of renovations (I'm pretty sure it hadn't been updated since it was built in '73) and while it has been quite overwhelming, we have certainly loved the adventure (okay, I am loving it.. Kalen is totally over it!)


I was born and raised in New Hampshire, I'm a mug collector, I love hiking, beer and tequila are my love language (but not together..), every year I help save the Monarch butterflies and I have been sky diving twice. I have three older sisters who I talk to every day and I absolutely adore my parents (who have been married for 46 years!). I love sitting at the window and watching the birds at my feeder, doing jig-saw puzzles is most definitely a form of meditation for me and I definitely watch too much television. Sitting in a small brewery drinking an IPA is one of my favorite past times and I dream of working for myself one day. 

On this site, you'll be able to read my blog and check out some of my favorite Amazon items.. But, my personal favorite part of this site is my Things Drunk People Say tab - here you will be able to stay up to date with my current favorite brews and breweries AND you'll be able to check out my Things Drunk People Say gift and subscription boxes! 


Links to some of my favorite products for the home, on the go and for the pup! 

Come find out what drunk people say, shop my gift boxes and learn where to find some of my favorite adult beverages! 

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